Aarif Amod, Adriano Elise, Aisling Roche, Alison Revell-Huntley, Andrew Dowling, Andrew O’Connell, Aoife Claffrey, Caitriona Osbourne, Cathal Doran, Claire Murphy, Clare Balfe, Corinna Nolan, David Ian Bickley, David Ross, Fiona Power, Fionn McGinley, Giulia Berto, Graham Monaghan-Revell, Ida Mitrani, Irene Gaspari, Iryna Baklan, Jackie Owen, James Murphy, Jamie Ashforth, Jasmin Doyle, Jessica Byrne, Joanne Betty Conlon, Johanna Love, John Blake, Justyna Musialska, Karen Densham, Kate McElroy, Kate Swift, Letizia Lopreiato, Marcelo Biglia, Mark Shaw, Martin Newth, Martina Coyle, ME-WE, Mella Travers, Niamh Hannaford, Niamh McGuinne, Nick Pearson, Padraic Barrett, Patricia Amsjah, Peter Molloy, Rebecca Bradley, Reddy O’Regan, Rose Ugoalah, Sandy Kennedy, Sarah Deane, Sebastian F. Mahon, Sharon Beavan, Shona Connolly, Sinead Barrett, Sinead Curran, Stephane Bruchet, Steven Doyle, Tara Carroll, Terry Bond, Tom Weld, Wendy Judge, William Bock.

Open Programme

The annual Open Programme offers artists, photographers, curators, and organisations the opportunity to put forward events and join the festival celebrations. Without any requirement to fit a theme, it is a chance to discover and showcase a wide variety of practices developing in Ireland. This year, we have the chance to see the latest talent coming out of recent graduate degrees with the accessible to all Watch This Space exhibition by Pearse College. We welcome again the productive and active programme of The Darkroom, finding out what their residency artists have been developing, while the Artist-Initiated Projects programme of Pallas Projects brings us an exhibition of ‘artistic frivolity’ at Pallas Projects. This and much more awaits us in the Open Programme! 


Image: The Moore Street Pulse Project, Aarif Amod

Events Schedule

13 May-13 Aug — Watch This Space

The Moore Street Pulse Project by Aarif Amod

Running 13 May-13 August
Online at watchthisspaceexhibition.ie
Aarif Amod, Adriano Elise, Andrew Dowling, Andrew O’Connell, Clare Balfe, James Murphy, Jasmin Doyle, Jessica Byrne, Justyna Musialska, Shona Connolly, and Steven Doyle.

Watch This Space is the title of the Graduate exhibition from Level 6 students at Pearse College of Further Education. The exhibition was launched on May 13th via watchthisspaceexhibition.ie The exhibition is the culmination of the graduates’ major projects developed throughout the past academic year.

5 Jun-10 Jul — Standstill

Running 5 June-10 July
At Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen, P81 VW98, Co. Cork
Opening Hours Mon-Sat 10am-4:30pm
Artists: Aisling Roche, Aoife Claffrey, Caitriona Osbourne, Claire Murphy, David Ian Bickley, Reddy O’Regan, Fiona Power, Ida Mitrani, Jamie Ashforth, Kate McElroy, Padraic Barrett, Rebecca Bradley, Sinead Barrett, Stephane Bruchet, Tom Weld, and William Bock.

Standstill is an exhibition of photography by Cork-based artists including small-scale photography / still digital / mixed media / photomontage. The exhibition is exhibited in the Stairwell and Link Galleries at Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre. Standstill refers to a time, activity, or motion — suspended, ceased — and photography captures fragments of time, freezing them. As the Uilinn’s first exhibition, re-emerging from closure of our galleries, participants were invited to submit works, created within Covid times, responding to this theme of Standstill. The exhibition offers a collection of standstill and varying time points from artists within this past year.

Throughout the exhibition period, participating artists’ work will be showcased on Uillinn’s social media platforms. The exhibition is curated by Kate McElroy, Uillinn’s Public Engagement Artist.


Image by Kate McElroy

19 Jun-10 Jul — Open Studio Display

Running 19 June – 10 July
At Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen, P81 VW98, Co. Cork
Opening Hours Mon-Sat 10am-4:30pm
Artist: Kate McElroy

Kate McElroy is the current artist-in-residence at the Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre. Developing from her line of questioning from the residency last year, McElroy will cumulate her residency in an open studio exhibition, inviting the public to come and interact with the work. The Exhibition runs from 19 June-10 July, with open studio tours available via booking on 9 and 10 July.

Coalescing a sense of space and time, Kate’s work combines photography, found objects, recordings and installation. Presenting a type of ‘altered lens’ she presents an ambiguous space, offering the opportunity to consider our sense of perception and how we encounter our everyday interactions with our surroundings.

She captures an environment in process, transit and slow transformation highlighting a betweenness, where definitive boundaries dissolve. Her work pushes towards the edge of abstraction, creating a space that invites the viewer in to recreate and move beyond the visible.

Through presenting layered aspects of interstitial areas, she opens a gap, to reconsider our positioning in an interlinked, transforming ecology.

About the Artist

Kate McElroy is a multidisciplinary artist based in Cork City. She received a first class honours masters degree from Crawford College of Art and Design (2021). She is a member of Sample Studios and previously of A4 sounds studios. (2015 – 2017) She received her BA (2013) and a Higher Diploma (2014) from Limerick school of Art and Design. She was Artist in residence in Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre in June/July 2020 where she held an open studio exhibition. She is continuing this line of questioning on residence in Uillinn again currently until July 2021. She received a travel and training award (2017) and was artist in residence in Lasanna, Nepal where she held an open studio and performance event. (2017). She was selected for an interactive international project ‘Building Bridges’ (2017 – 2019) which toured Delhi, Kolkotta and Bangalore, India and Yangnon, Myanmar. She had a selected solo exhibition ‘Effusion’ in Clonakilty Arts Centre (2016) and a 2 person show ‘Plexus’ in Galway City Gallery (2017). She is part of a newly formed artist collective ‘Inter_Site’ with upcoming exhibitions in the Marina Market, Cork City and ‘Oileán’ in The Lord Mayors Pavillion, Fitzgerald’s Park as part of Cork Harbour Festival (2021). Other upcoming shows include Future(s), Catalyst Art Centre Belfast as part of Belfast Photo Festival 2021 and a two 2 person show ‘Fluctuations’ in ‘The Engine Room’, Belfast. Selected Publications include photographs and texts in ‘Cogito’, ‘Think Eco’s’ Wildlife Publication and ‘Landscape and Language’ publication.


5-8pm 24 July Bookings via Eventbrite
25 June-10 July
At Pallas Projects, 115-117 The Coombe, D08 A970, Dublin
Opening Hours Thu-Sat 12-6pm
Artists Niamh Hannaford and Tara Carroll

Pallas Projects present ‘STRIKE YOUR OFFENDED SENSES: A modest exhibition of artistic frivolity’ from Niamh Hannaford and Tara Carroll as part of Artist-initiated Projects programme, 2020/21.

Niamh and Tara come together as an artistic duo to connect with the strong sense of community within the auld heart of Dublin, the Liberties. Their research of the affluent history of trade in the area culminates in an exhibition at Pallas Projects, accompanied by performative events and workshops.

The artists use the Liberty Market, a meeting place to trade goods and stories, as a site of historical reflection to draw on contemporary parallels. They immerse themselves within the community, hiring a market stall and engaging with local traders, businesses and schools through art workshops and artistic interventions. The exhibition that follows, is the result of the artists and the community playing together. It includes a mixture of performance, photography, video, installation and sculpture. The artworks are made with materials sourced from within the Liberties. The audience is also invited to make work with the artists within the gallery space to continuously add to this ever-changing, ever-growing, bustling exhibition.

Performance & Play Sessions will take place offsite and at Pallas Projects at 2pm; Saturday 26th June, Friday 2nd July, Saturday 3rd July & Friday, 9th July. Please see the Pallas website for booking details.

About the Artists

Niamh Hannaford and Tara Carroll are two colourful friends who have come together to produce art that is vibrant, energetic and celebratory. Individually, and together, they have interdisciplinary practices which encompass performance, print, sculpture, installation, textiles and painting. Their work complements each other, as there are a number of parallels within both their mediums and concepts. Ideas discussed in their work include femininity, community, Irish history and the self.

Pallas Projects/Studios is a not-for-profit artist-run organisation dedicated to the facilitation of artistic production and discourse in Dublin’s city centre. Our Artist-Initiated Projects is a funded annual gallery programme of projects selected via open call. Artist-Initiated Projects aims to act as an incubator for early careers, and support artists’ practices at crucial stages, providing a platform for artists to produce and exhibit challenging work across all art forms.

1 Jul-31 Aug — In Mid-Ocean

Running 1 July-31 August
At kunstmatrix.com
Artist Sarah Deane

In the top drawer of the dressing table there was a photo album with a brown cover. This album was not kept with all the other albums. It was different. The inside was filled with black and white pictures of people I did not recognise, photographs that were made before I was born. They were held in place with hinges, and beautifully patterned interleaves lived between the pages. The only words inside, written on the back of a photograph, were In Mid-Ocean.

The album documents the transnational life the artist’s parents led as 1950s migrants. Based in London, but longing for home, their lives were lived in mid-ocean, journeying back and forth across physical and cultural space.

This album also marks Deane’s first exposure to the Irish diaspora and a life lived across borders. By drawing on the family archive – the photographs, letters and anecdotes from her parents’ time in London, she adds her own layer to the transnational experience.

About the Artist

Sarah Deane is an Irish photographic artist based in Galway and London. Her work is autobiographical in nature and explores concepts of identity.

Notions of selfhood feature strongly in Deane’s practice often drawing on her experience of migration. Her current work focuses on her family and their movements across the Irish sea. It is told through the female voice, the commonly overlooked experience of the Irish diaspora. By challenging the traditional narratives and discourses, a more diverse vision of this diasporic experience can emerge.

Nature is a recurring motif in Deane’s work, and she is particularly fascinated by how our social and physical environments continually shape and re-shape who we are. Through the use of the family archive, she can explore how the artist intervenes with the photograph and the role nature can play in those interventions. Deane’s work has been exhibited at Photomonth Open (London), Oxo Tower Wharf and Lenscratch.

2-11 Jul — Lift Not the Painted Veil

Running 2-11 July
At The Darkroom, 32 North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7
Opening Hours Mon-Fri 10am-6pm | Sat 11am-5pm
Artist Sebastian F. Mahon

Remembering can be a violent act. One that can tear at oneself and through such an action, create space for unrealities to emerge. Lift Not the Painted Veil is an introspective study of grief, seeking to reveal the physicality of trauma.

Through engaging with family heirlooms, the wounds embedded in landscape and humankind imprint on the environment, the artist creates imagery that explores notions of memory, time, growth, and decay. The work imparts value on the inherent balance between order and chaos, as a way of challenging the illusions which emerged from the artist’s personal experience with loss.

By using the analogue processes of photography, the mechanical exposure to light, the chemical creation of images and the physical nature of printed matter, the artist questions his desire to fix experience before memory drifts into uncertainty.

This solo show is presented as part of the Artist-in-Residence programme in partnership with The Darkroom and Facebook.

About the Artist

Sebastian F. Mahon is a lens-based artist currently living in Dublin. His interests in History, Psychology and Sociology guide his practice to explore themes of human activity and its intersection with the natural world. Combining artificial and natural light to create lively compositions that question how we interact with our environment.

Sebastian graduated in 2020 with a BA in Photographic Media from Griffith College Dublin (GCD). He subsequently went on to develop a new body of work titled ‘Lift Not the Painted Veil’ as part of an Artist-in-residence programme in partnership with The Darkroom and Facebook. He is a founding member of AGORA Collective, a Dublin-based art collective that work with emerging creatives in visual arts and literature to produce printed media. His work is part of the National Collection managed by The Office of Public Works (OPW).

17 July-28 August — Business as Usual

Running 17 July-28 August
At Studio_35, 35 Molesworth St., Dublin 2
Opening Hours Sat 11am-4pm
Artist Marcelo Biglia

Melilla, is one of two Spanish cities on Morocco’s northern coast. It’s also Europe’s most fortified border. Each day, hundreds of women – (Portadoras), also called Mujeres Mulas (Mule Women) – are used by traders to transport the goods across the border that will be sold in the souks of Morocco.

Despite Morocco’s many legal advances in women’s rights and feminist civil society lobbying in favour of gender equality reforms, some legislative gaps and huge barriers still persist. Moreover, due to the country’s high rates of unemployment, men have started working at the border too, adding pressure to an already overcrowded scenario. Although there is no official commercial frontier between Melilla and Morocco, the smuggling of goods is widely acknowledged to be hypocritical and exploitative, yet effectively endorsed by authorities on both sides.

This coverage and photography exhibition explores not only this unethical situation, but it also highlights the strength, resilience and dignity each of these women hold, in the need to withstand and provide for their families under this form of modern economic slavery.

About the Artist

Marcelo Biglia is an established Documentary and Portrait photographer based in Dublin. For the last 20 years, he has travelled extensively across Africa, Central and South America, Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, Europe, and the Indian subcontinent. He focuses on projects covering development issues, human rights abuses, gender equality, and poverty, with the aim to advocate and contribute to educational projects.

15-22 July — Lost and Found

Running 15-22 July
At The Darkroom, 32 North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7
Opening Hours Mon-Fri 10am-6pm | Sat 11am-5pm
Artists Giulia Berto, Joanne Betty Conlon, Martina Coyle, Mella Travers, Niamh McGuinne, Sandy Kennedy, Sinead Curran, and Wendy Judge

These slides were discovered in a box, which was donated to the Darkroom a long time ago, curiosity rose but then diminished when someone wanted my attention. I put them on a shelf and walked away; they were lost again.

During the Covid times, all was quiet, streets deserted and The Darkroom was silent. No chatting, no sounds, no movements. It was time to tidy up and get some order, this was when the slides were found again.

After re-finding them, Mella Travers, the director of The Darkroom, put them in an obvious place that would catch her eye. When all was quiet, she took a gander at them and felt inspired by the idea of Lost and Found. With all that has been going on in our community, there has been a sense of Loss and also a sense of Founding, new ways of being.

These events inspired this exhibition.

Travers felt fortunate to be surrounded by a group of multidisciplinary women artists who have come together for this project. The only rules are that they have to pick one slide each blindly and cannot change it. They can do whatever they want with it. Burn it, play with it, draw on it use it. Anything is allowed. All under the umbrella of Lost and Found.

17 Jul — Experimenting with Photography Workshop

Running 12-2pm Sun 17 July
At Online
Facilitator Jane Cummins

Family workshop, minimum age 6yrs.
Online Workshop via Zoom. Visit LEARN | RHA to book your spot!
Please note, advance booking is required as art packs will be posted in advance of the workshop.

This workshop, for PhotoIreland festival 2021, explores the cyanotype printing process. The cyanotype process produces images through sun printing. An object is placed on paper that has been treated with ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide, after which it is exposed to sunlight and then washed in water, leading to the uncovered areas of the paper turning dark blue.

Facilitated by Jane Cummins, Jane will share with you the process of cyanotype printing with a step-by-step guide on how to create beautiful art using foliage and found objects from around the house.

For this workshop, participants will receive by post, a box of tools and materials, including watercolour papers, brushes, and cyanotype processing liquids.

The workshop will touch on the history of this archival printing process which was invented in 1842 as well as looking at the cyanotype photographs by Anna Atkins, an English botanist, who some will argue was the first female photographer. There will be tips and advice throughout, lots of room for questions. Experimentation with your papers and objects is key to this creative process.

The tools & materials included in your kit:

  • A selection of watercolour paper to experiment with.
  • A kit of cyanotype chemical processing liquids: ammonium ferric citrate and potassium ferricyanide.
  • Paintbrush for application.
  • Frames to hold your artwork in place during exposure.
  • Bulldog clips for frames.
  • Step by step guide so you can use your processing liquids again

About the Artist

Jane Cummins is a photographic artist living and working in Dublin. She holds an MFA in photography from the Belfast School of Art at Ulster University. Recipient of the Belfast Exposed Graduate Award, she has exhibited nationally and has been published internationally. Her work is part of several collections including the Office of Public Works State Art Collection, and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Collection.

Jane’s practice involves self-portraiture and landscape, focusing on self-exploration and identity. Her work deals with the relationship between the body and nature, a distinctly personal exploration into the nature of self and the unstable construction of identity. Her printing process varies from analogue photography printed in her darkroom to alternative photographic processes dating back to the 19th century. In 2019 Jane co-founded Studio ID-11 based Dublin’s Marlay Park, an art space where she and fellow artist Yusuf Amod run alternative processing workshops for artists as well as analogue photography camps for children and young people.

7pm 22 July — Seeds, Trees and the Politics of Food in Ireland

Running 7pm Thu 22 July
At Online — bookings open via Eventbrite and various locations —please see description below for more details
Artist Letizia Lopreiato

Offline and on-line multi-location event: please see event’s description below for the various locations and dates of this project’s show across July and August, between Dublin and Waterford:

‘Seeds, Trees and The Politics of Food in Ireland’ is the launch talk of Letizia Lopreiato’s new creative documentary project titled Sonia’s Trees, which includes the artist’s 35mm photography, Super 8 film and her poetry and spoken word performance.

Sonia’s Trees (2018-2021) is shot between County Clare and County Waterford in Ireland. The project is centred in the City-Country life duality in Ireland, and its connection with eco-sustainability, the politics of food in the country and Ireland’s reforestation vision and mission, thanks to its native trees and seeds.

This body of work covers the step of the life-changing series of events that occurred in the life of one of the artist’s friends from Dublin, over the past three years, Sonia McGuirk. She is a single mom who with her two kids, relocated from the city of Dublin to the West of Ireland, and Waterford, looking for a more sustainable and connected lifestyle for both herself and her family. The documentary is shot on 35mm film both BW and colour, and on Super 8 moving image film, between these two locations, over the past three and half years.

Letizia has organised a series of events for the launch of this project, between Dublin and Waterford, and which are planned to create awareness around the topic of Ireland’s reforestation with its native trees, between July and August 2021:

  1. The landscape and portraits’ series of 35 mm photography and Super 8 moving image section, of this three-year documentary journey, will be showcased at Gallery of Modern Art Waterford between August 3rd and August 15th, as a final result of the upcoming summer artist residency of Letizia Lopreiato at GOMA, between July and August 2021. The artist has selected for this showcase both BW and colour 35mm photography and Super 8 film moving image, to pay tribute to the healing experience that has represented the year of 2020 to 2021, for her documentary’s protagonist, Sonia McGuirk, and her life throughout this time, by the Copper Coast in Waterford County.
  2. The County Clare part of the protagonist’s life journey will be showcased in four locations across Dublin between July 22nd and July 24th, by creating a photography trail for the audience to experience, which will be rewarded with a bag of native Irish Trees’ seeds, donated by the artist, in support of the cause of reforestation of Ireland, that Letizia Lopreiato’s creative documentary project supports and wants to embody.

Patrons of Letizia Lopreiato’s project in Dublin, where you will be able to enjoy both Letizia’s photography and take away your bag of Irish Native Trees, as a sign of gratitude from the artist, are:

  • John Gunns Camera Shop on Wexford Street
  • Simon’s Place Cafe on George Street Arcade
  • Wall and Keogh Tea and Cafe on Richmond Street
  • MVP Pub on Clanbrassil Street

A new venue in Dublin will be added to the list and will be announced as a big surprise during the artist and her protagonist’s live launch talk on July 22nd, register for the talk via Eventbrite.

About the Artist

Letizia Lopreiato is a multilingual visual poet-artist and film photographer from Dublin (originally from Italy). Letizia is Magnum Photos Portfolio Review featured artist (November 2020), and 2021 solo exhibitor at Exposure Alberta Photography Festival (Canada), with her three year documentary and biographical visual poetry project titled The Timelapse (2018-2021).

Awardee of both the most recent Arts Council of Ireland Visual Arts Research Bursary (May 2021), and of the Arts Council of Ireland Connect Mentorship Grant (December 2020). she is a registered professional member of Visual Artists Ireland, and a regular contributor to Poetry Ireland. Letizia works with the media of 35mm film expanded photography, poetry, spoken word and most recently Super 8 film moving image, to facilitate the awareness of her visual poetry creative social documentary style, and the interconnected layers of meaning of these elements. The artist writes and performs her poetry both in English, Italian and Spanish. She has seen her work of visual poetry published internationally, across the UK, Ireland and Italy.

Letizia embraced film photography, by introducing a multidisciplinary approach to her poetry, three years ago, only a few months after her visual impairment was diagnosed. Letizia’s visual poetry and photography practice is inspired by her academic research background in History of International / Intercultural Relations, Philology and Semiotics, Psychology and Sociology of Communication, at a macro-approach level.

Letizia comes from a Magna Cum Laude MA Degree research background in International Relations for Cooperation and Development in Milan, as well as a BA Degree in Political Studies, majoring in the use of media within politics and international organisations. Letizia completed in 2020, her Postgraduate in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship at Trinity College Dublin.

Letizia is leveraging within her art practice, her professional program-management experience matured over a decade working in the tech industry, across four different countries; this background is allowing her to advance her interest in, and vocation towards, the topics of barrier-free technologies for social justice, inclusivity, equality and cooperation within the Visual Arts and Photography sectors.

5pm 24 July — Agora Issue 1 Launch

Running 5-9pm
At The Darkroom, 32 North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7
Artists Amy Flinn, Cathal Doran, Corinna Nolan, Fionn McGinley, Irene Gaspari, Iryna Baklan, Kate Swift, Patricia Amsjah Tjiha, Peter Molloy, Rose Ugoalah

The evening is a celebration of AGORA magazine’s first printed issue ‘New Perspectives’. The event will take the form of a group exhibition, showcasing the work of each collaborator who contributed to the production of AGORA issue 1. The project is a collaborative effort between the co-founders of AGORA and the artists that so kindly submitted their work to be published. Each participant will have a space to hang their work, each artwork and AGORA Magazine’s first issue will be for sale and a small selection of drinks refreshments will be provided.

AGORA Collective is a newly formed group of visual artists. Founded by Freja Blomstrand, Giorgia Graf and Sebastian F. Mahon, the group aims to build a network of emerging creative talents who benefit from pooled resources and cross-disciplinary collaboration in fields such as photography and literature. Currently developing a magazine showcasing work from several talented creatives, the publication will be AGORA’s first contribution to Irish Culture.


Image: Patricia Amsjah Tjiha

27 Jul-10 Aug — Scaling the Untold, An Expedition of a Making

Running 27 July-10 August
At The Darkroom, 32 North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7
Opening Hours Mon-Fri 10am-6pm | Sat 11am-5pm
Artist Wendy Judge

Wendy Judge is the recipient of a supported travel residency through The Dakroom in 2020. The residency revolved around the idea of capturing landforms across changing counties and bringing them back to the studio, to tie them into the artist’s sculptural practice. This project was negotiated through the rolling lockdowns as county borders closed around her. In making this journey, the artist took heed from Dr. William Dyer of Miskatonic University and words from HP Lovecraft that one can never have too many note books of sketching paper or film to capture what might unfold (At The Mountains of Madness)

About the Artist

Wendy Judge is a visual artist working with sculpture, photography and drawing each informing the other. Her work revolves around landscape and all that it entails, driven by the literary and the terrain it holds.

Exhibitions include The Lump Show at Cornelius Projects, Los Angeles USA 2019, Factory Installed at the Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, USA 2016. In 2013 she was invited to make new work alongside William Evans of Eton (1798-1877) in From Galway to Leenane: Perspectives On Landscape, National Gallery of Ireland.

She has been part of Difference Engine a model of autonomous and evolving artist curation since 2009, most recently showing at HDLU in Zagreb and Resort Revelations Fingal Arts Program, Dublin, in 2018. Solo projects include Souvenir Views at Pallas Projects, 2012, Great Works at Goethe-Institut Dublin, 2008 followed by Works of the World United, Thisisnotashop, Dublin in 2009. Group exhibitions, include The Balloon at Rawson Projects, New York, 2014, Dublin Contemporary, 2011 and ‘Last’ at Douglas Hyde Gallery, 2012, She was one of a group of artists that represented Thisisnotashop, at the Festival of Independents – No Soul for Sale, New York, 2009, and at Tate Modern, London, 2010.

Wendy Judge: Collected Views of Great Works from the 20th century was published in 2008 as part of work centred around no-go places. She has been supported by Arts Council of Ireland, Culture Ireland, and received A Thomas Dammann Junior Memorial Award in 2019.

31 Jul-30 Aug — Visibly Evident

Running 31 July-30 August
At The Old Furniture Warehouse, 57 Main Street, Gortin, Omagh, BT79 8NH
Opening Hours Fri-Sun 12-6pm | Outside of these hours by appointment to visiblyeivdent1@gmail.com
Artists Alison Revell-Huntley, David Ross, Graham Monaghan-Revell, Jackie Owen, John Blake, Johanna Love, Karen Densham, Mark Shaw, Martin Newth, ME-WE, Nick Pearson, Sharon Beavan, and Terry Bond

Visibly Evident features work by contemporary artists who use photography but not exclusively. Their other practices range from purely conceptual, to painting, sculpture and installation. Making photographs has been a consistent part of these artists’ work for several years and reflects many of the mainstream interests of contemporary photography: the real, the synthetic, the constructed and deconstructed. In addition, it reveals an intriguing insight into the artists’ other practices.

This exhibition brings together thirteen artists, both national and international, to encourage and stimulate debate around the use and practice of photography within a broader fine art context. It is hoped that the exhibition will provide a platform for debate and exchange within the artistic and cultural community in North West Ireland as well as generating a much-needed hub for contemporary art, which has been largely untapped or unknown across a wider general public in a predominantly rural setting. Each artist brings their own particular ‘take’ on photography through the process, or framing of a conceptual construct, which is both formally relational to other artistic practices and is inclusive of the viewer in inviting and developing a visual dialogue.


Image: Johanna Love


Dublin City Council

OPW The Office of Public Works

Frame Finland

Mondriaan Fund

Alliance Francaise Dublin

Project Arts Centre


GUP Magazine


Aesthetica MagazinetAesthetica Magazine

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Published on the occasion of the twelfth edition of PhotoIreland Festival, this limited edition publication will present a record and reflection of the month-long programme of events. In addition, readers will find exclusive texts and work, expanding on the conversations had during the festival. We invited a number of contributors to reflect on the theme of the festival and some of the artists presented.

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